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Wellbeing Meets Opulence: The Ultimate Wellness Custom Home

Wellbeing Meets Opulence: The Ultimate Wellness Custom Home

As fast food chains go out of favour and remote work becomes the norm, people are more focused on their wellness and health. If you are building a luxury custom home, don’t miss out on the opportunity to pamper yourself while maximising your well-being.


Health and well-being don’t translate to a home gym anymore. Instead, custom home builders in Kelowna view it with a holistic lens that focuses on your overall well-being and not just your muscles. The goal is to take care of both – the body and mind while immersed in luxury.


A wellness-focused design must have these luxury amenities:

1.    A fully-equipped, ventilated and bright gym

While a home gym isn’t the only component of a luxury wellness home, it’s certainly a very important component. If you are a fitness enthusiast who doesn’t skip training any muscle group, it’s important to have a fully equipped gym with all your favourite machines. If you love to do cardio, luxury custom home builders in Kelowna would fill up the space with elliptical machines, rowing machines, treadmills, training bikes and more.


Some even choose to add a VR headset for the interactive fun games that help you burn a lot of fat. Apart from that, you can have cable machines, smith machines, adjustable benches, dumbbells and more for strength training. Make sure that your gym has the right flooring, mirror setup, ventilation and lighting. You can also ask Kelowna builders to personalise the design for you.

2.    A meditation retreat

People underestimate the potential of a meditation room. It’s a peak luxury wellness room that allows you some ‘me-time’. You get to relax, unwind and get away from all your worries for a moment of peace. Traditionally, meditation rooms are spaces where you sit down in a relaxed position and pursue nothingness.


However, meditation can translate to any activity that helps improve your mental well-being as well. It can be yoga, listening to music, or simply reading a book. As long as the meditation room is soundproof and isolated from distractions, you get to be at peace with yourself. There are no strict rules here. You can design it any way you want and Kelowna contractors would bring your vision to life.

3.    Invest in a great kitchen

Nutrition is a big part of wellness. What you eat doesn’t just affect your body, but your mind as well. Greasy and highly processed foods with high sugar content don’t just make you overweight and unhealthy but can affect your mood and mental well-being as well. You’re more likely to be anxious and less happy when processed food and fast food make up a major portion of your diet.


A great kitchen inspires you to cook and eat healthy. Moreover, since it’s a luxury purchase, you get to go all out and equip yourself with everything to cook cuisines across different cultures. For instance, your kitchen may have different types of ovens, dryers, smoothie makers, rice cookers, steam pots, fancy wok setups, and more. Custom home builders near me can help you design a unique kitchen that’s decked out with the best appliances and smart storage systems to help you stay on top of your diet.

4.    Favour salt water over chlorine

Chlorine pools are growing out of favour since they are bad for the environment, terrible for your skin and more expensive to maintain. While luxury wellness homes aren’t necessarily looking to save a few bucks on maintenance, that extra bit of cash can go towards paying for a fancier plunge pool or infinity pool. Whether you decide to swim in it for exercise or spend quality time with your loved ones is up to you.

5.    Saunas and cold plunge rooms

Finns and other Nordic nations have had this tradition for thousands of years. They spend time in saunas and then immediately take an ice-cold plunge. There are numerous benefits to this therapy and some of them include:

  • Improved blood circulation and immunity
  • Quicker muscle repair
  • Boosted energy levels
  • Fat loss
  • Healthier skin


When you have a sauna room with an ice plunge bath next to it, you get to indulge in this luxury and reap its numerous benefits from the comfort of your home.


Look beyond trends and mere aesthetics when building a luxury custom home. If you want it to be a haven, make sure that it has all these amenities to nourish both your body and soul. Living in a home like this helps you recharge, and relax and supplements your journey towards finding a happier and healthier you.


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