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4 Ways to Add Style and Elegance to Your Custom Wood Wine Racks

4 Ways to Add Style and Elegance to Your Custom Wood Wine Racks

More often, we tend to look for smaller storage for our wines rather than having a whole wine cellar. This may be due to the fact that our collection of wines does not require that much space and storage. This is why many people opt for wine racks. The best thing about wine racks is that they are available in lots of styles. This allows you to choose a style that suits your home décor while giving you optimum space for wine storage.

In this blog, we shall be talking about some such wine rack styles that are really upbeat and trendy. A custom wine rack design lets you utilize a suitable space of your home effectively without compromising it. This is what makes wine racks such a great addition to any home. However, needless to say, if you have a huge collection of wines, it is suggested to opt for a wine cellar or custom wine cabinets which will be more cost-effective.

Here are 3 great wine rack styles to showcase your wine collection in the perfect manner:


  1. Grain + Rod panels:

Wall-mount wine racks are the talk of the town at the moment.Due to their easy installation and frankly thousands of variations in style and material they have become a very popular choice among wine-lovers. For example, take this grain + rod paneled wine rack. A minimal yet attractive design, this style adds to any kind of home décor in the perfect manner. The wood and metal combination brings together vintage and modern appeal leading to a transitional appearance. Also, the rod panels act as the perfect accents for your cherished wine bottles.

There are many agencies of wine cellars of Houston that provide great wall-mounted wine racks, metal wine racks, custom wood wine racks. You can easily consult them to have the perfect wine rack suited to your home space.


  1. Rotating Wine Cradle:

Have you heard of Lazy Susan kitchen cabinets? Well, a rotating wine cradle is the Lazy Susan of wines. The structure, as you can see here, allows you to grab the wine of your choice in no time by simply rotating the cradles. Each of the cradles has grooves to hold the wine bottles in place. Although more often found in commercial establishments, this can be a great stand-alone fixture for a home. Or if you want, you can even mix them with other wine racks as well. Numerous agencies of wine cellars of Houston have rich experience in creating great designs of custom wine racks based on your space and requirements. Al you have to do is let them know what you want.


  1. Wave Wine Racks:

As the name suggests, the structure is shaped to resemble waves such that each gap between two such waves can be used to store a wine bottle. The wave silhouette made from wood and joined together by means of metal rods make for a very effective transitional appeal. Agencies of the best wine cellars Houston use high quality woods like Malaysian Mahogany, All Heart Redwood, White Oak, and Premium Redwood. All these wood materials have their own set of unique characteristics and give a classy touch to your home décor. If you are looking for a very luxurious design, this is a great option.


  1. Diamond-shaped Wine Racks:

These are wall-mounted in nature and are quite like grain + rod paneled wine racks. The only difference is in the structure. It involves wood that is designed to form diamond-shaped gaps that hold the wine bottles in place. A custom wine rack design of this type is well known for its rustic appearance. And along with your vintage wines, serve as agreat vintage decor.

Be it for any kind of wooden or metal wine racks, what is important is to keep in mind that the wine bottles are held in place without any movement. Any kind of movement will lead to a ruin in the taste of the wines.

Be it a custom wine rack design or a design for custom wine cabinets or full-fledged wine cellars, there are numerous wine cellar manufacturers in Houston that provide all these with a full satisfaction guarantee.

The 3 above-mentioned wine rack styles are great for your limited wine collection that not only provide wine storage but also act as a great home decor aspect.

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