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Splash Into Fun With These Unforgettable Kelowna Lake Activities

Splash Into Fun With These Unforgettable Kelowna Lake Activities

The Okanagan Lake is truly nature’s gift to the residents of the valley. With over 100 km of mesmerizing blues, this lake has scenic beaches, calm bays and beautiful marinas. Kelowna gets a large chunk of this lake and that’s why it has become a hotspot for attracting new residents and seasonal tourists.


Whether you want to simply relax at the beach, conquer the waves on a paddleboard or fly high over the surface, everything is possible when you own an Okanagan homes for sale. If you are considering moving to Kelowna or simply buying a vacation home here, your investment is going to change your quality of life drastically when you move here and explore Kelowna lake activities!

Some best lakeside activities you can indulge in Kelowna:

1. Downtown Marina


The boating community has a second home at the iconic marina in downtown Kelowna. The marina serves everyone with affordable bowriders, high-end tow boats and everything in between. Walk around the moorage and you’ll find something in your budget.


Even if you aren’t in the mood to rent a boat, exploring the public pier with a date after a night of hopping the local pubs can be a memorable experience. When you buy a home at a new development in Kelowna, you can visit this place at Bernard Avenue, sit down and simply admire the gorgeous crafts gliding over the waves whenever you want.


2. Kayak and Paddleboard


Want to explore Okanagan Lake’s shoreline in a cosy and intimate way? Well, that calls for a splendid kayak or paddleboard. Fortunately, Kelowna also has its own paddle trail, all 27km stretch of it. It runs from McKinley Beach to Bertram Beach and is marked with a bunch of buoys that prevent motored vessels from straying into the trail.


When you buy a house for sale in Okanagan, drive up to the trail and choose to spend your time on the trail with gentle strokes. You might catch interesting glimpses of yoga groups performing ‘asanas’ while sitting on their paddleboard. Forgot to bring your own paddleboard? You’ll find plenty of local businesses waiting to rent out kayaks and paddleboards.


3. Maeg’s BBQ Boats


While BBQs are a staple down south, Canadians don’t get to enjoy this fun activity year-round due to the harsh weather. That’s why most people choose to fly to buy homes for sale in Kelowna and other warm cities. If you can’t get enough of barbeques, consider having one over pristine waters.


Maeg’s BBQ boats have a safe and fully equipped BBQ setup built into their rental boats. You can choose to bring your own meat to the party or outsource all the responsibilities to them. Rib-eye steaks with excellent marbling sizzles on the grill while you resist the urge to jump into the waters. Now, that’s pure joy.


4. Scuba Diving


While everyone chooses to swim, kayak, or cut through the waves, you can choose to dive deeper and explore the mysteries underneath the surface of the lake. Scuba diving is a less frequently opted activity, but one that imprints a lifetime of memories and calls out to the inner adventurer in you.


When you dive into the lake you don’t just get to discover underwater caverns and lost relics on the lake’s floor, but get to make friends with Kokanee salmon and other residents along with mythical monsters. However, this activity isn’t for amateurs and requires proper safety guidance. Make sure to talk to the staff at Kelowna’s diving shops before wearing the suit.


5. Parasailing and Flyboarding


You’ve explored the surface and dived underneath. Now the sky is the only unexplored plane and parasailing or flyboarding allows you to engage in those activities. With parasailing, you also get to be at a higher vantage point for taking in the scenic valley. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, flyboarding is your activity of choice.


When you make a Kelowna new home for sale into your vacation property, head over to the Okanagan beach for hydro flying or flyboarding. Harness intense water pressure and show off your newfound superpowers. Talk to the instructors if you haven’t indulged in a similarly intense watersport before.

The Okanagan Lake offers plenty of opportunities for adventure seekers and tourists to have the time of their lives. If you want to experience the same level of excitement regularly, consider buying an Okanagan home for sale.

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