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How to Add a Touch of Luxury and Elegance to Your Custom Home?

How to Add a Touch of Luxury and Elegance to Your Custom Home?

Decorating the front porch with wreath and lights and adorning the dining area and turning it into a winter haven are a few things you may aim when adding a touch of elegance to your custom home.

However, if you are planning to invest in another house this winter and celebrate the holiday season in your new sanctuary, it has to be none other than the best Vancouver home builders creating magic. As you spruce up the holiday retreat, you are bound to come across plenty of functional options. So, go on and do your bit when adding a touch of luxury to your new house in this holiday season.

How to transform your new house into a festive retreat: Get recommendations from Vancouver’s luxury home builders

·         Pick a colour scheme

You don’t have to think about traditional decoration options only to create a cheerful ambience during the holiday season. There are plenty of other ways you can think of to create the festive vibe and one of the most prominent options for a newly-built house is its colour scheme. For this year’s celebration and to add grandeur to your Christmas plan, stick to bright shades like gold and discard the traditional yellow, beige, green, or blue.

Instead, add sequins and sparkle to gold and add a hint of blush to elevate the feeling of holidays. Apart from this, you can get special pillows and mirrors, holiday lights, and candles to celebrate Santa’s homecoming. Let home builders in Vancouver guide you to creating a unique layout so that you can create the wintery vibes effortlessly.

·         Create a unique bookshelf

It’s “ho-ho” time and nothing spreads more happiness than retaining the vibes of Santa everywhere. Don’t leave your bookshelf as well. If, you are getting a new one, try to create a different kind of arrangement when placing the books and insert those Christmas decorative elements like miniature trees and metallic wreaths. Hang the wreaths and tuck the ribbons under the books so that they stay.

·         Transform the fireplace

If you want to give your fireplace mantle a new look, turn it into a contemporary centrepiece. Decorate the mantle with pine cones and branches of evergreen trees. When choosing the elements to decorate the fireplace, be sure to keep a mix of varied shapes and different materials. Finally, you need to hang string lights to add the much-needed touch of elegance that spreads the holiday vibes. Ask your home builder to do up the fireplace structure during custom home renovation so that you are at it for all the good reasons.

·         Elevate the kitchen nook

If you have been decorating the kitchen over the years and have never tried this decorative touch, it’s time you look into the kitchen nook. You must have several plans in mind to transform the corners of the kitchen but the festive season looks for some more.

Embrace the chance to infuse your space with a dose of holiday magic, all without breaking the bank or breaking a sweat. Begin by arranging a trio of petite trees and add a sprinkle of charm with twinkling lights. For an extra touch of elegance, drape a garland or incorporate an additional strand of lights. Another delightful option is to showcase a string of holiday cards, effortlessly transforming an overlooked corner into a lively and festive focal point in mere minutes. Discuss your plans for festive decoration with the best construction companies in Vancouver and make the necessary changes.

·         Create a wintery vibe around the front door

One of the easiest ways to create the holiday mood is garnishing the front door. The entrance of your house needs to make a mark. So go on and add pine cones, fir, or magnolia to create a festive look. Remember that the front door creates a statement in luxury homes and inspires the guests to enjoy the winter holidays.

Elevate the holiday experience in your custom home with these exclusive tips that add a touch of luxury and warmth to your festive celebrations. From sophisticated decor ideas to thoughtful touches, discover how to infuse your living spaces with opulence, creating an inviting and magical atmosphere. Explore elegant themes, to transform your custom home into a haven of luxury during the holiday season.

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