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Fiji Weather Averages

Fiji Weather Averages

The Fiji Islands experience a moderate and comfortable tropical climate. This means that the winter months are warm and dry while the summer months are hot and wet. Nevertheless, the evening breeze can be very cool so that you may need warm clothing. Fiji weather by month warm tropical climate can range from high temperatures of about 31°C to 26°C that may be continuous during the year. But when the cool winds blow from the south to the east, the islands enjoy a relaxed and more comfortable climate.

During Fiji’s wet and hot seasons, the islands normally experience heavy to moderate brief showers, mainly in the afternoons. The wet season is usually during the months of November to April. As a result Fiji averages based on the amount of rainfall can range from anywhere between 2000mm and 3000mm for the low lying and coastal areas, while the mountainous territory will see up to 6000mm of rainfall. In general, the smaller islands of Fiji island tend to receive less rainfall than the two larger islands, with most of them recording rainfall averages ranging from 1500mm to 3500mm.

During the dry season, Fiji weather are normally on the cooler side, and the conditions are also more predictable. The water temperatures are also much cooler as well during this period.

No matter what island you are on, Fiji weather averages are normally between 25.5°C to 27°C. The highest weather temperature is normally around 31°C to 32 °C on average. These high temperatures are usually recorded during the months of January, February, March, April and December. While the lowest average temperature normally experienced in the month of July.

Fiji normally average about 130 to 132 days of rainfall for the year or about 10 to 11 days of rain each month with a large amount of hail. The driest weather is in July when the average weather conditions can last up to four days without a single drop of rain. Whereas, the average wet weather conditions can last for a period of up to 19 days without sunshine, especially during the months of August, September and March.

Fiji experiences on weather about 2530 hours of sunshine during the year that makes it an average of seven hours per day. The most sunshine in Fiji weather is normally seen in December when the sunshine will last for at least eight hours per day. Fiji does not experience any frosty conditions, which makes the wet and dry seasons great periods to visit these islands.

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