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Things to Do in Summerland with Your Kids: A Guide to Crafting Memorable Moments

Things to Do in Summerland with Your Kids: A Guide to Crafting Memorable Moments

You’re looking to go on vacation with your kids or just explore places for your new home. Summerland is a cosy little community full of friendly people. It’s the perfect place for retirees and also suitable for putting down your roots and growing your family. Families are made of little ones and Summerland has a lot of fun things for them.

In the serene expanse of Summerland, your opportunities for engagement are boundless upon securing a residence in this idyllic valley. Beyond the vineyards and sun-kissed shores, Summerland unfolds a plethora of recreational pursuits tailored for the delight of your progeny. Their formative years within this enchanting community shall lack not in vibrancy and stimulation.

Let’s check out some of the kid-friendly activities that make Summerland one of the best places to live in the Okanagan region: 

1. Visit Summerland Sweets

Summerland punches above its weight when it comes to agricultural produce. With thousands of acres of protected agricultural land, this little region grows a lot of produce. From exquisite wine grapes to an assortment of fresh fruits that are difficult to find in other parts of the country. That’s why Summerland is also famous for its cuisine and culinary history.

What’s that got to do with kids? This agricultural richness enables stores like Summerland Sweets to provide a lot of organic creations and amazing treats for you and your kids. Visit this famous store with your kids for all kinds of packaged jams and syrups. This store has a ton of flavours of ice creams and other sweets that can be customised according to your wishes. Kids would have a blast here. It’s also a great place to teach your kids about where their food comes from.

2. Head Over to Summerland Trout Hatchery and Visitor Centre

Delving into the realm of educating your progeny about aquatic life becomes an effortless endeavor with a sojourn to the Summerland Trout Hatchery and Visitor Centre. This clandestine haven, concealed from the awareness of many locals, commenced as a scrutinizing outpost, evolving into a permanent hatchery in the aftermath of the Second World War. Within its precincts, your offspring shall garner insights into the intricacies of trouts and the intricate web of the ecosystem they inhabit.

For instance, there’s a giant magnetic board with interactive objects that mimic animals and other items in the lake. Your kids also stay entertained by the informative TV on the wall. Make sure that you call the Visitor Center and enquire about the timings to create a sufficient. There are other interactive games where kids get to fill in the blanks about ‘Fish Facts’ and learn more about the hatchery.

3. Visit Geek Easy and read comics with your kid

As the name suggests, Geek Easy is a paradise for every comic book fan, young or old. Apart from comic books and action figures, they also have novels and movies. Visit this place with your kids to relive your childhood and fuel the same passion in your child.

4. Spend an active evening at the Julia Street Kinsmen Park

Warm summer weekends are fun when your kids have access to a place where they can play around without any worries while you socialize with the other parents. Julia Street Kinsmen Park emerges as a prime focal point, providing an optimal solution to the question, “How can one make the most of Summerland with their progeny?”

Within this park, an array of play structures beckons, ranging from resilient bouncing apparatuses to locomotive-themed attractions, slides, and assorted climbing fixtures. Additionally, the park boasts an expansive shaded area with a commodious picnic table—an ideal setting for relishing a leisurely Sunday brunch, concurrently fostering cherished moments with your offspring.

5. Get closer to nature by hiking up Giant’s Head Mountain

Embark on an immersive communion with nature by ascending the formidable Giant’s Head Mountain, a distinctive pinnacle gracing the Summerland skyline. Its nomenclature is derived from its remarkable semblance to a colossal figure overseeing the tranquil town.

Despite its tumultuous volcanic genesis, the mountain now stands as a testament to the irresistible charm of nature, abounding in a myriad of distinct fauna and intricately interwoven hiking trails.

A salient aspect of Giant’s Head lies in its approachability, dispelling the misconception that only seasoned adventurers can embark on its ascent. A slim, meticulously paved thoroughfare effortlessly guides you to the pinnacle, where expansive panoramas await, sparking the dormant ardor for outdoor pursuits in your youthful companion.

This amalgamation of attractions positions Summerland as an idyllic haven for the burgeoning familial unit. Concurrently, the real estate landscape in Summerland, BC, is experiencing a surge, presenting a propitious opportunity for you to invest in a perennial abode for your kin.

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