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Add These 7 Incredible Features to Your Custom Home and Watch Its Value Soar

Add These 7 Incredible Features to Your Custom Home and Watch Its Value Soar

So, you are all set to build a custom home that is right for your family’s needs. Typically, the concept of building a custom home is designed around the requirements of your family. You can create what you want and never feel restricted to expand your imagination and budget. Your custom home may be a dream you have harboured for a long but it can become a reality if you want.

Naturally, you will also want to add valuable features to the luxury house. From custom amenities to features, you can follow numerous inspirational ideas when designing your house. But when it comes to picking the value-added features that are distinct and different from the rest, you must have an open-ended discussion with best home builders in Salmon Arm to wow the onlookers.

Here are the value-added features you must include in your newly-built custom home:

1.    Big outdoor living spaces

The demand for extended outdoor spaces has soared since the global pandemic. But the homebuyers have gradually understood that large and spacious screened-in patios with custom fire pits are an excellent entertainment option. Be it for entertainment or spending good times with your family, the big outdoor living spaces are here to stay, and reap the benefits when you sell the home.

2.    Grand entryway

The front door of every custom home is an element to ‘wow’ the guests. So, make sure the entrance of your home is unique. If you want to create a unique statement with the entryway, make sure that there is a fair share of spectacular features and functionalities. Wondering how the front door is functional? Well, it is the place where you have the charging station, the place to drop your keys. The area where your kids may drop their backpacks and your furry friend enters with muddy paws. Try to organise the front door area and make the door picturesque to make it work like an interesting feature at the front. Explore Salmon Arm real estate for more invigorating ideas to make the entryway of your habitat more interesting.

3.    Oversized showers and freestanding baths

The bathroom is one of the spaces where you relax and unwind after work. So, a value-added feature would be to add a spa-like bathroom with large shower sprays, body jets, and rain heads. Moreover, you can add a little bit more luxury with free-standing tubs. Home buyers often demand drop-in or stand-alone tubs to be added to the shower space. Make it like a welcome retreat to add more value to your home as well.

4.    Large master suite

You need a master suite wrapped in comfort and privacy. So, create a master suite instead of a typical bedroom with the usual bed and other features. Why don’t you position the master bedroom in one corner of the house where you can enjoy more privacy as well? Choose between hardwood and carpet flooring and to make the suite look stylish, you can raise the ceiling to allow light to enter the room and promote air circulation. To create a stylish master bedroom suite, consult with Hindbo Construction Group Inc, the home builder contractor of repute. With several years of experience under their belt, they are here to add value to your custom home.

5.    Kitchen design

The kitchen today remains the focal point of a home. Thanks to large kitchen islands serving multiple purposes and large seating areas. The place where the family comes for eating and interaction gets more value with additional floor spaces, specialised lights below the cabinet, and floating shelves, the kitchen becomes a space for treasured antiques like a home wine cellar or a wooden cabinet. Consult with Shuswap home builders to implement a stunning kitchen design that looks truly impressive.

6.    Flex rooms

Modern homes have rooms for flexible uses, so you might as well have flexi rooms serving as home offices, workout rooms, or spaces for practicing music. A good addition to the flex room would be large windows with glass panes for adequate light and enjoy spending some self-care moments in a quaint location of your home.

7.    Choose the best architectural style

You are done with the interior finishes that add value to your custom home, but it would not match the architectural style. So, choose the classic or the contemporary look to enhance your home’s value.

Are you still figuring out the value-added features you need for the custom home? Prepare your wish list first and add accents that will make it a truly valuable asset. You will love what you choose as value-added features for your custom home.

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