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Start a Gleaming Career at Dental Assistant School

Start a Gleaming Career at Dental Assistant School

The fast-food and restaurant industry is fast-paced. Sometimes, it can be a rewarding journey where you get to interact with customers from all walks of life and collaborate with the rest of the staff to deliver great customer service. However, the industry also has a notorious reputation for overworking and underpaying its employees.


In this industry, you’re expected to do more for less and put up with some of the most difficult customers. If you’re deciding on a new career trajectory, consider an entry-level job in the healthcare industry like dental assisting. It’s much more rewarding and dental assistant schools in California can help you fast-track your way to a dream job.

Let’s Compare Both These Jobs And Figure Out Which One Is Right For You:

1. Work Hours

Restaurants and most of the service industry have peak hours when the rest of the world is out having fun. That means you’ll be busy during the weekends, holidays, and evenings. Working longer than your shift timing is pretty common and according to Statista, you’re more likely to have longer work weeks as you get promoted to higher positions.


That’s why restaurants, cafes, and fast food chains are often viewed as a career path that helps you support yourself through college or learn about teamwork and customer service before moving on to a different industry.


You don’t need to start your career from the same position when you look up dental assistant schools near me and enroll in a reputable institution. Most dental offices and clinics don’t stay open on the weekends. You have a typical Monday to Friday workweek with regular shift timings. There’s no rush hour to prepare for and no long night shifts. Instead, you get a healthy work environment with a proper work-life balance.

2. Labor Intensity

The restaurant and fast food industry can be very physically demanding. Don’t be fooled by the ever-present smiles on service workers. Several roles demand you stand on your feet all day, lift heavy objects, or spend hours in the hot and humid kitchen or cold and chilly freezers. Some roles require you to do repetitive movements like chopping down ingredients, wiping plates, and carrying dishes to the restaurant.


On the other hand, when you enroll in a certified dental assistant program, you embark on a journey that’s less physically intense. Some roles as an oral surgery assistant or chairside assistant may require more standing than others. However, you get to work in a comfortable climate-controlled setting and don’t need the endurance to lift heavy objects for long hours.

3. Career Growth

Some restaurants offer excellent growth opportunities. After you put in the years, sharpen your people skills, and show your knack for coming up with solutions to difficult problems, you may get promoted to management positions. However, these positions are limited and limit your growth trajectory significantly.


That’s not the case with dental assistants. The growth opportunities are tremendous and quite diverse. With enough experience, you can get promoted to the position of a senior dental assistant or specialize in oral surgery assisting orthodontics, or something else. Moreover, with the right dental assistant certification and upon passing the necessary exams, you can become a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA).


As an RDA, you can take over a wider set of responsibilities, demand a higher salary, and make yourself more marketable to dental offices. You can also choose divergent career paths in office administration of the dental department of big hospitals or assist lab technicians. The scope is vast and diverse enough to align with the niche interests you develop over time.

4. Wages

If you are a restaurant worker in California, you are in a better position than the rest of the nation since employers need to pay $16 per hour for their tipped workers. In states like Florida and Illinois, it’s around $8 to $9 while the federal minimum wage for tipped workers is abysmally low at $2.13.  So, most restaurant workers need to rely on tips (the generosity and goodwill of customers) to survive.


As a dental assistant, you are handsomely compensated for your work. According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary of dental assistants is around $ 40K to $ 55K. This translates to an hourly wage of $19 to $25. Moreover, when you become a surgical dental assistant, your salary hikes considerably. There’s no need to rely on people’s goodwill to put bread on the table when you get fair compensation.


If you feel like you are stuck in the restaurant industry and instead want a more rewarding career, dental assisting may be the path you’re looking for. You can enroll in a dental assisting school without quitting your restaurant job and advance your career.



Ditch the fast-food grind for a fulfilling future. This guide explores the exciting world of dental assisting and how it can brighten your career.



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