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Mastering the Art of Writing a Stellar Featured SEO Article

Mastering the Art of Writing a Stellar Featured SEO Article

Looking to open an online magazine in your niche? You’ve consolidated capital and decided on a publishing platform, digital marketing, graphic designers, and editors. However, have you hired content writers who are capable of churning out great featured SEO articles? Because those articles are going to bring those valuable customers you are looking to attract.

If you can’t afford to hire a team of featured article writers, look to freelancing article writers for hire. They have been writing feature articles for several clients and have a broad perspective with the right set of skills to increase engagement and convert regular readers into paying subscribers.

Let’s learn more about featured articles and how an article writing service can help you craft one that sells:

A Featured SEO Article Isn’t A News Piece

While featured articles are usually about trending and recent topics on personalities or events, they are quite different from news articles. News talks about the facts without any personal bias. Contrary to that, featured articles are usually reports on celebrities, movies, special events, or similar topics with a personal touch from the writer.


Writers explain the topic in great depth and add their flair along with a unique perspective on the facts and help readers develop a better understanding of the subject. Newspapers, online magazines, and blogs often hire freelance content writers to churn out featured articles regularly.

Create A Compelling Headline

None of your articles are going to get clicks if the title isn’t catchy or compelling enough. The headline should be very intriguing and make the viewer want to click on it immediately. While you’re allowed to be a bit clickbaity, you must deliver the promise you made on the title.


Otherwise, viewers are going to click on the article, and immediately return to the search results page and increase your bounce rate in the process. Make several versions of the headline and test it out to select the option that works. It’s also important to be as precise as possible. Website Content writing services have experts to come up with some of the best titles and can do the same for you.

Don’t Skip On Research

This one is universal irrespective of the article or blog you are writing. You can never skip on research, especially when you’re covering recent trending topics. If you’re writing a featured article on a news piece, make sure that you scan through several sources on the topic and dig deep on social media to find people who have been at the event or the site.


Conduct interviews with personalities or folks who are close to them and don’t keep any ethical options on the table to get all the details. Featured articles help audiences develop a deeper understanding of the topic and that’s impossible without in-depth research. Great research and backlinking allow you to back up all the claims you make in the article and gain the trust and following of your users.

Make The Article SEO-Friendly

As an online magazine, you’ll have social media, word of mouth, email marketing, and several other methods to bring in more readers. However, nothing beats the traffic you get from organic search. People who are searching for the topic you are covering in an article are more likely to be interested in your niche and become a subscriber to your magazine.


That’s why you need to incorporate SEO principles while writing featured articles. That’s why SEO article writing services are highly coveted and opted for by online publications, newspapers, and magazines. They don’t just create engaging content but optimize the title and subheadings with the right keywords. This sends positive signals to the search engine crawler and helps your article rank higher on the search results.

Follow A Short Fiction Format And End It With A Good Pay-Off

Featured articles have a writing style that is not too formal or informal. It is similar to a short fiction story where you blend your narrative with facts seamlessly and create a chain that takes readers through a series of emotions. Make every element of the article have a purpose and systematically connect them to keep the long read enjoyable. In the end, your users should also get a decent pay-off that matches the emotional tension you created throughout the article.


A compelling featured article includes the most basic principles of writing and is structured to engage the audience in a particular niche with interesting facts and great storytelling. However, if the content inside isn’t search engine friendly, it won’t even reach your target audience. That’s where SEO blog writing services come in.

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