Why Does My Company Need Specialist Office Cleaning Services?

Why Does My Company Need Specialist Office Cleaning Services?

Smaller companies often feel that they get more value from in-house operations and find outsourcing either more expensive or do not trust the service provider  to provide skip bin hire brisbane a mutually agreed upon service, believing that some element of the service will either be missed or not delivered. .


Cleaning contractors usually work after hours on contracts worth less than £50,000 a year to avoid any disruption to the client’s business and their work environment, so their management teams must work early mornings and evenings like many client companies . not be taken into account when estimating the cost of an internal transaction. Often their own staff will agree to take charge of cleaning their offices without realizing that they need to take over running operations after hours, this can lead to a request for a pay increase or a lack of skip bin hire brisbane management of the cleaning operation.


There are a significant number of complexities such as policies/procedures for lone workers to be put in place to meet health and safety requirements, provision of employee cover for vacations and absenteeism, and assessing changing requirements as business requirements change. Is your management prepared to evaluate increases or decreases in cleaning needs that could significantly skew costs over the course of a few years?


Does the member of your team you are about to assign to your cleaning requirements have a sufficient understanding of TUPE, HR (working with part-time workers, after hours, safety checks, training, management), PAT testing, health and safety? manuals, WSC, practical knowledge of industrial cleaning methods, products and equipment?


If a member of your staff or a visitor is working at your premises after hours and has an accident tripping over a vacuum cleaner cable or a wet floor, you should be sure that the cleaners have been trained to look to assess travel hazards, adopt their work practices accordingly , have signed training records that you have access to, use safety signs, an accident reporting procedure, and insurance to protect your business from the unexpected.


In today’s work environment, there has been an increase in the use of hard floors ranging from limestone to solid wood floors requiring special periodic treatments, which unfortunately are often missing from the cleaning schedule of less professional operations, resulting in irreparable damage to costly floor coverings that are rarely replaced due to Budget constraints and expensive customer-facing premises look shabby and hurt your business image.


Sometimes what may seem like simple tasks are not so easy to implement due to staffing issues, specialized cleaning contractors usually provide several services such as carpet and window cleaning, toilet and garbage collection services, ensuring that waste movement records are completed , conducting risk assessments. and allows you to obtain a work permit, reducing the number of suppliers and simplifying both the supply chain and contacts to ensure that your office building is maintained to the highest standards.


Specialist contractors conduct regular audits against established SLA KPIs communicated electronically, and hold regular customer meetings either remotely using Skype or at your facility to discuss service levels and individual requirements, and changes in service levels to suit your requirements. The best contractors provide transparent costing templates, regular performance reports, business insights into their work, recommendations for building great working relationships with clients that they can trust and allow them to focus on their core competencies.


Commercial office cleaning is a mature service business and therefore margins are very competitive, while there are excellent in-house operations and some organizations where VAT cannot be refunded making outsourcing uncompetitive, they are a minority.


Are specialized cleaning contractors outsourcing their vehicle leasing, computer hardware and software requirements as these are not core competencies and areas where other professionals can help them focus on their core business while supporting companies like yours?


There was a time when it was believed that a company ticked the right boxes when providing a service such as cleaning, this was acceptable, and standards and procedures were not an integral part of the service provided.


The market has changed and customer expectations for specialized cleaning contractors have increased, including comprehensive corporate social responsibility skip bin hire programs, transparent reporting on a wide range of performance parameters, comprehensive training, and back-up systems to ensure a B&C plan is in place to prevent related problems. with poor sanitation such as legionnaires’ disease, pandemic viruses, C.difficile, sick building syndrome, to name but a few. This is more noticeable in hospitals and schools where viruses are known to spread rapidly with severe consequences, however it is rare for a parent not to bring the virus into their workplace resulting in the loss of many workdays for their employer and many businesses recognize the importance cleaning not only for the perception of their customers or staff, but also because it makes economic sense and they have a social responsibility



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