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Video Content Speaks Louder Than Words

Video Content Speaks Louder Than Words

Content marketing tactics are losing their charm in digital marketing, with the result that more and more companies are responding by creating new ways of storytelling. Moreover, companies are changing their approach to digital marketing, becoming more visible, more informal and a little more real. Video content is the future of digital content marketing! Video content is currently taking text content by storm. Until recently, the digital marketing arena has been dominated by text content; however, since the majority of online audiences these days prefer watching videos rather than reading boring text, the latest digital marketing trend is putting more emphasis on content marketing strategy using online video.

Not surprisingly, the popularity of video content marketing has skyrocketed in recent times. As we all know, our society as a whole has remarkably short attention spans. This is undoubtedly the result of our modern, fast-paced culture, created by the Internet-driven information age. Adding video to your website or blog content can greatly increase your relevancy in the eyes of both Google and your target audience. Visitors to your blog or website are much more likely to stay longer when your written content is paired with relevant and informative video.

Video Content Marketing: Video Syndication

One of the simplest video content marketing  tactics are syndication. As I mentioned earlier, including videos in your blog posts can help a lot. Viewers are not only more likely to stay on your page for a long period of time, but they are also more likely to understand your message.

As a video content marketing strategy, you must first host your video on a popular web host such as YouTube. Videos hosted on YouTube are ridiculously easy to embed on your blog. In the world of internet marketing, social media sharing is incredibly valuable. Creating social hype around the content you create is essentially free marketing. By creating videos regarding your written content, you are more likely to share your information with additional parties.

Marketing Video Content for SEO Purposes

SEO or search engine optimization is a specific way to present your content in order to get the attention of popular search engines; primarily Google. As you may already know, there are both internal and external SEO strategies. While the on-page process is to create content around the target keyword, off-page SEO is a bit different.

A large part of offsite SEO consists of building backlinks. When evaluating your site’s relevance to a search query, Google takes into account both the number and quality of backlinks to your site. Due to the growing importance of video on the internet and the global popularity of YouTube, backlinks from this social media giant are considered very valuable. In other words, by simply pairing each of your blog posts with a video originally hosted on YouTube, you can get an extra high PR backlink for every article you write.

Video Content Marketing: Additional Social Media Platforms

Videos are considered a very common form of Content marketing tactics. It’s just a lot easier to get someone to watch a video than it is to read an article. Because videos are viral in nature, building an online presence on various social media platforms can be incredible for video marketing. If you don’t already know, Facebook and Twitter are two of the most visited websites on the internet.

Once you build a decent online audience and join the relevant groups/fan pages, you will have an audience to share your videos with. All major social media platforms provide video viewers with the ability to share content with those in their social circle. Because of this, marketing video content on social media websites can increase your traffic exponentially.

The numbers don’t deceive:

According to a study by Cisco, by 2017, video will generate 69% of online traffic. In addition, the study also claims that online video traffic will grow up to 80% in the next three years. Another study by Nielsen states that the average Internet user views approximately 206 videos each month. The study also claims that 64% of marketers are willing to incorporate video marketing into their digital marketing strategy. In light of the above results, it’s easy to conclude that video marketing overshadows text-based content.

Advantages of video content marketing:

• Videos are easily searchable.

• Communicates the brand’s message in a fun way.

• Viewer data provided by video hosting sites such as YouTube can provide marketers with useful insights into target consumer behavior.

• Increases the chances of converting potential customers into customers.

• Regular posting of videos on YouTube, Bing or Yahoo can improve brand rankings in search engines.

Online video marketing is becoming a powerful tool for brand storytelling, offering incredible opportunities to engage with consumers. Because videos appeal to both the visual and auditory senses, they allow viewers to remember much of the information. For example, it is easier to keep a brand message delivered by TVC than an advertisement. As such, videos are an ideal medium for conveying a brand’s mission as well as brand values, as they can captivate consumers effortlessly, offering a richer and better experience than other media.

Moreover, online video marketing is an ideal tool for brand humanization. Audiovisual content, combined with humor and emotion, gives brands a personality that captures the attention of consumers to a large extent. Telling a brand’s story through video can be an effective way to generate a positive response from your audience. What’s more, the addition of stunning visuals and the participation of real people also brings value to the online audience.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that video Content marketing tactics is not just for big and popular brands; even small businesses need to take advantage of it. While video content marketing in India is still in its infancy, small and large businesses alike are investing in incorporating online video into their content marketing strategy to embrace the latest digital marketing trends.

The way forward:

Let your video content speak for you!

With video content becoming the most preferred digital marketing medium, companies need to be aware of the impact of storytelling through visuals. It’s time for brands to roll up their sleeves and create unique video content to capture the attention of their target customers and establish a genuine emotional connection with viewers. At the same time, brands should not lose sight of the importance of promoting their videos across multiple channels, including social media.

All things considered, it seems reasonable to assume that in the age of infotainment technology, brands cannot afford to ignore the importance of video content as it plays a key role in entertainment as well as informing customers by evoking a range of emotions. Brands that don’t pay attention to video content can’t expect to generate leads through any online platform that could be dangerous to their business.

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