Sexual Harassment Law Information

Sexual Harassment Law Information

There is no easy answer to how a victim of sexual harassment can best deal with the distressing effects of workplace harassment. Some victims have difficulty questioning why they were harassed and wondering if they did anything to give the harasser the wrong impression. This can leave the victim feeling guilty, ashamed, or embarrassed. The victim may feel that the harassment is their fault, and that guilt and shame can make it even more difficult for a victim to seek help or report the harassment.


Victims of sexual harassment can experience harassment in a variety of ways. Different victims respond differently to sexual harassment. Some common effects of sexual harassment on victims include feelings of confusion, embarrassment, denial, fear, and numbness. The victim may suffer from depression, anxiety, traumatic stress, insomnia or nightmares, decreased ability to concentrate, headaches, fatigue, stomach problems, anger, withdrawal, isolation, or problems with intimacy.

Dealing with these complex and distressing effects on victims of harassment can be extremely difficult. Acknowledging emotional difficulties can be an effective first step for victims to gradually heal. Victims need time and support to recover from their emotional hurt.


Confiding with a trusted friend or family member can also help the victim. Trusting friends and/or family members can help both emotionally by elevating a victim’s spirit and help establish damages in a harassment lawsuit. Sometimes friends and family members appear as witnesses at the trial to testify about the harm the harassment has caused the victim.


In general, the best way for a victim of harassment to deal with the emotional impact of the harassment is to seek advice from a psychologist or psychiatrist who experienced the trauma of discrimination in the workplace.


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