Outdoor Water Fountains – Add Peace and Tranquility to Your Surroundings

Outdoor Water Fountains – Add Peace and Tranquility to Your Surroundings

An outdoor water works fountain is a great complement to your garden or other outdoor space. Not only are water fountains elegant, they also have a soothing aura about them that is very relaxing. Depending on how much space you have, and your budget, you can find the one that is ideal for your needs from among the hundreds of types, sizes and materials available. Your outdoor water fountain can be wall mounted, freestanding, tabletop, floor fountains or the traditional statuary type. You will find a wide choice of materials ranging from metal, stone, concrete, terracotta, slate, etc. Let us take a look at how you should care for your outdoor fountain during winter.

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Winter Care For Outdoor Water Fountains

After enjoying your outdoor garden water fountain through summer and spring, it is time to take care of it when fall arrives with winter not far behind. Winter brings extreme cold temperatures and while your outdoor fountain might be sturdy enough to withstand the weather, you cannot allow the water to freeze in it since this could result in damaging the fountain and its pump. Portable outdoor fountains can simply be carried indoors or even stored in the garage until winter is over. But if you have a large outdoor water fountain, then there are several things you need to do to ensure that it is up and running after winter.

Outdoor fountains often come with nightlights that highlight the fountain after the sun has set. Illuminated fountains are available with their own LED lights. If not you can easily buy your own. Spotlights are also in vogue so that if you have an outdoor garden party, your fountain can provide the lighting you need. In summer, you can also relax in your garden during the cool evenings, enjoying the sight of your outdoor fountain and the water cascading down.

If your fountain can be moved, ideally is should be stored in your garage. It is often possible to dismantle tiered fountains, making them easier to store. Large fountains and fountains made of cast stone pose a problem with portability. Hence just before the temperature becomes sub-zero, make sure that you drain the water works out of the fountain. The pump must also be preferably removed and stored indoors through winter. This is a good time to clean out the pump to remove any build up of dirt and algae. A fountain cover would be a good investment now, so that you can keep the fountain from accumulating moisture. Covers are usually water proof material with a drawstring that help you fix it really tight, preventing it from blowing away in a breeze. These covers are available in different sizes to suit different outdoor fountain.

Nowadays there are trendy outdoor fountains that do not have a conventional shape. They are designed with abstract ideas and unusual materials. A majority of them are made of lightweight material, enabling you to move the fountain when necessary. Earlier outdoor fountains were common only in public places but today, they have become quite popular, especially the outdoor wall water fountains, at business houses and large homes.


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