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Oriental Table Lamps – What Spaces Does A Ginger Jar Lamp Fit In?

Oriental Table Lamps – What Spaces Does A Ginger Jar Lamp Fit In?

Oriental Table Lamps and A Ginger Jar Lamp is very famous in other Asian lamp. We recently helped our youngest daughter get her final year at university, and we hope that this will be the last time we apply for a student, as we have done so on six consecutive Septembers. For complicated reasons, it was a new place to live every year, so we were well-practiced in buying and setting up everything needed for student life in outlying cities.


We had two items left to buy – a table lamp and a storage cabinet, staples in “big box” stores. It was in such a store that I could easily find a lighting department, but not a lamp of the right size with sufficient power. Seeing the “partner”, notable for his characteristic colored apron emblazoned with his name, I approached Kevin. But he was busy on his cell phone, talking animatedly to a friend about their plans for the weekend. As soon as I realized that his call was not related to work, I cut it off without hesitation. I was persistent, but it took a long time to finally get him to end the conversation and draw his attention to my search for a suitable lamp. As it turned out, they were not in the store. When you’re remodeling your space and have the idea of ​​incorporating lampes turques into your setup, you’re faced with the decision of what type of lamp to place in your room. Or maybe the opposite is true – you fell in love with, say, a ginger jar lamp or some other type of Asian lamp, and now you want to decorate the whole room around it.


And why not? If you’re intrigued by Far East Asian mysticism, nothing brings it closer than a ginger jar table jar with its painted or printed images of the earth and its cut-top, curved lampshade reminiscent of the shape of Chinese pagoda roofs.


Just make sure your oriental table lamp fits in the room. Looking to purchase table lamps for your living room or bedroom? If the latter, do you want a bedside table lamp? Here we will look at two types of ginger jar lamps, antique style and modern style, and suggest what type of room decor they can go best with.


Old style ginger jar table lamp


Old-style ginger jar lamps are more likely to be adorned with elaborate insignia such as Chinese calligraphy or depictions of Chinese landscapes. While simple off-white silk oriental lampshades will contrast with the sophisticated look of the ginger jars themselves, it’s still best if the antique style ginger jar lamp is placed in an isolated spot on a table or shelf with a plain white or blue background. . This will allow the precious lamp to stand out perfectly in its glamour.


As for lighting, the lamp itself usually has a power rating of up to 150 watts, so you will have enough light from the lamp in any conditions. Many luminaires can accommodate special multi-stage lamps that will allow you to set the light output from 10W to a full power of 150W.


Oriental table lamps in modern style


Modern style lamps often have a simpler design than their vintage style counterparts. Often they will have one jar of a bright color, such as off-white, orange, teal, or red. Thus, they will be suitable for a more busy environment. Backgrounds like the walls you place the lamp on can be white, but they can also be pastels or even brights as long as they match the color of the jar. For example, the warm colors of the wall will match the warm color of the lamp pitcher, such as yellow, orange, or blood red. Turquoise or blue jars are best suited to the surroundings of cold tones.


The lighting options for modern style ginger jar style table lamps range from as little as 10W to 150W oosterse lamp output, allowing you to use them as a dim bedside table lamp or as a powerful table lamp.


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