How to Upgrade the Staff of Ice in Origin

The Staff of Ice is an effective weapon in Origins that makes use of the Ice detail. It may be upgraded through following numerous steps. Once upgraded, it will become Ull’s Arrow, an incredibly effective weapon which can freeze hordes of zombies. It also can be charged: This tasks blocks of ice and a snowfall that freezes zombies withinside the place for 10 seconds. 


 There are 7 steps. Only the 1/3 and forth step are precise to this staff. The different 5 steps are the equal for all 4 staves. Only the stairs precise to the Staff of Ice are mentioned on this guide. The 5 shared steps are mentioned very well withinside the How to Upgrade the Staves Guide. 


 In This Guide:


Play the Match Game

Freeze the Tombstones

Locations of Tombstones

The Next Step 

 Play the Match Game

Before you begin this step you have to have already constructed all 4 staves, and prepared the Staff of Ice. 


 The fit sport will take the area withinside the Crazy Room, that’s the room that held the crystals. You can get there through developing a portal at any of the detail mines. Once in the Crazy Room, discover the ice place, you have to see a blue glow. 

 There could be tiles floating up above, and a pillar that has a blue item with dots on it. These all constitute an exceptional fashion of the numbering system. Instead of seeking to discern out the numbering system, I used trial and error. The image beneath indicates which tiles fit the variety at the pillar. 


 The image above is the item from the pillar, it suits with the floating tile beneath it. 

 The image above is the item from the pillar, it suits with the floating tile beneath it. 

 The dots at the tile extrade every time you shoot a tile. If the tile suits the pillar, the tile will turn over and the following variety will seem at the pillar. If you get this sort of wrong they’ll all turn over, and you’ll want to begin over. 


 There could be a noisy noise and Samantha will communicate to you, whilst that is finished correctly. That suggests that you may circulate directly to the following step. 

 Shoot the tombstone after you’ve got iced up with the Staff of Ice.

Shoot the tombstone after you’ve got got iced up it with the Staff of Ice


 Freeze the Tombstones


Three tombstones will seem after finishing the fit sport. The subsequent step is to first freeze, after which shatter the ones tombstones. You can freeze them through capturing them together along with your Staff of Ice, after which shatter them through capturing them with a gun. 

 All 3 tombstones are outside of the playable place, and mix in barely with the background. It is a whole lot simpler to discover them in case you understand precisely in which to look. 


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“Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies”: How to Upgrade the Staves in Origins


How to Upgrade the Staff of Wind in Origins 


The tombstones seem like ordinary grey tombstones. They were withinside the equal area each time I even upgraded the Staff of Ice. The 3 places are indexed beneath. If I discover them in an exceptional area, I will upload it to the list. 


 Tombstone Location 1


The first Tombstone is withinside the dust pit beside Generator Station 4. It is throughout from the Spirit Chest used for the Rituals of the Ancients. It is withinside the elevator place that gamers cannot access. 


 Tombstone Location 2


The 2d tombstone may be located near the first. Walk out of the dust pit and into the following dust pit. This is the pit which can both lead closer to the Church, or round the alternative aspect of the Excavation Site. It is extended on the bottom of the Excavation Site. 


 Tombstone Location 3


The 1/3 tombstone is on the alternative aspect of the map. It is withinside the dust place in the back of the Tank Station. Like the alternative  tombstones, it’s miles extended and in a non-playable place. However, its miles extended better than the alternative  tombstones. 


 The Next Step


After finishing those  steps you may visit Step five withinside the Guide for upgrading the staves in Origins. Steps five thru 7 are the equal for all 4 staves.


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