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How to Choose the Best Commercial Property for You & Your Business

How to Choose the Best Commercial Property for You & Your Business



These parts of Malta offer the largest selection of restaurants and entertainment on the island. Most 5-star hotels are also located in St. Julians and Sliema. These are year-round resorts and are highly recommended in all seasons for renting a Commercial Property in Malta. 


San Giuliano


This was once a quiet fishing village that has been transformed into a hub of activity filled with restaurants of all kinds. Located within walking distance of Paceville, where all the nightlife takes place, it is a high-density tourist area, offering the largest selection of restaurants and entertainment on the island. Similar to Sliema, this is a favorite place for stays in both the winter and summer months. Most 5-star hotels are also located in St. Julians. If you are staying in this area it is not necessary to rent a car.




Sliema is the heart of shopping in Malta. It is a mixture of residential and commercial properties. There is a great walking promenade that runs for several kilometers, which takes you from Gzira to St Julian’s. It is central to most places and easy to reach by public transport. There is movement in both the winter and summer months and there is no need to rent a car to get around.




Built at the time of the Knights, the capital Valletta has a lot of historical value and is a World Heritage City. It is famous for its St John’s Co-Cathedral where the Knights of Malta were buried. The city isn’t as crowded at night as other capitals, but things are slowly changing. In fact, not many hotels are found in Valletta as it is mostly crowded due to offices and shops before 7 pm. Most of the museums are located here and are filled with cafes. Valletta is only a 15-minute drive from Sliema and St. Julians and is the main hub for all public transport, so staying in a hotel in one of the 2 cities listed should be fine if you want to be centrally located.




This refers to the northern tip of the island and includes a number of hotels in the village of Mellieha but also on the outskirts of this village. Mellieha is mainly busy in the summer but is also ideal in the winter for those who want to be completely detached and enjoy a quiet break and escape. Qawra and Bugibba are mostly popular in the summer when they are occupied by both locals and tourists. These cities are all in close proximity and so staying in any one should provide relatively the same accessibility and location factors.




Mellieha is located in the north of the island and offers the largest beach in Malta. It is a very busy area during the summer. It is worth hiring a car if you plan to stay there as it is about 45 minute’s drive from St Julians and Valletta.




Most of the large and low-rise hotels rent Commercial Property in Malta are located in Qawra. It is very busy and is mainly populated by tourists, however, it is quieter than nearby Bugibba. It is within walking distance of Bugibba, where there are numerous bars and restaurants. It offers various types of accommodation that are located a few steps from the various bathing beaches. It is relatively quiet and detached in the winter.




Bugibba is one of the largest seaside resorts in Malta. The waterfront stretches from Salina Bay to St Paul’s Bay, taking in some of the island’s best open sea views and a view of St Paul’s Island. The coast is rocky, but that hasn’t stopped the resort’s appeal. The flat rocks offer places for sunbathing and occasionally there are access points for bathers. The water is deep but generally clean, clear, and safe for bathing. Very busy and full of tourists in the summer … Great variety of restaurants, bars and cafes.




The Bay of Salina takes its name from the salt pans excavated in the inner segment of this sea inlet. The water on both sides of the bay is not deep but is suitable enough for swimming off the rocks. A car is ideally hired if you are staying in a hotel in this area.




We have defined these two towns as Village Core even though they are truly and truly located in the center of the island. However, their central physical presence does not mean that they are “centrally located” with respect to the hub and activity of the island from the visitor’s point of view.




Attard is known for being the seat of the President’s Palace. It is a predominantly residential area, which makes it a relatively quiet place. It is located between Medina and Valletta and public transport is easy. The gardens of San Ant


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