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Biggest celebrity scandals of the decade 2022

Biggest celebrity scandals of the decade 2022

Every person loves celebrity scandals, and this decade now finishing featured no scarcity of them. At the same time as we all favored to faux that we had a new seriousness of motive because of the needs of terrorism, war, economic crumble, and ethical breakdown, in our dark hearts of hearts we appeared forward to nothing extra than a new up skirt shot from Britney spears. Here is a look returned at the biggest pop culture celebrity scandals of the 2000s, encompassing intercourse, crime, and tablets — all of the antique favorites.

Top 10 Celebrity Scandals of the Century Thus Far

1: Harvey Weinstein 

An influential manufacturer as soon as taken into consideration a titan in Hollywood, Weinstein became accused of attack and harassment by several women, as unique by using the big apple instances and the brand New Yorker. After those memories came out, actress Alyssa Milano endorsed ladies around the sector to share their stories on social media. This will spark a movement that changed how many industries viewed misconduct inside the administrative center. In February 2020, Weinstein turned into discovered responsible for more than one count of misconduct and turned into later sentenced to 23 years in jail.

2: Bill Cosby’s Attack Accusations

Earlier than Hannibal Buress’s rant at a standup display went viral in 2014, invoice Cosby turned into so loved and respected as a comic that he become called “the USA’s dad.” but, after the Buress video won interest, several girls felt encouraged to come forward and accuse Cosby of misconduct. In 2018, Cosby turned into indicted and convicted of irritated indecent assault in opposition to Andrea’s constant and acquired a prison sentence of 3 to ten years. However, in 2021, he was released early after the Pennsylvania very best court docket overturned his conviction, mentioning a contravention of due system. Other instances are nonetheless pending, however, and the scandal has for all time tarnished his legacy.

3: Prince Andrew’s Ties to Jeffrey Epstein

Rich financier Jeffrey Epstein become capable of cultivating quite a few relationships with powerful human beings based totally on his potential to traffic younger girls. in keeping with certainly one of Epstein’s sufferers, Virginia Giuffre, prince Andrew was one such character and abused her in 2001. The binds between Epstein and the duke of York were pronounced by the BBC in 2011, and in 2019 the prince gave a disastrous interview in which he infamously tried to dispute allegations by insisting that he was unable to “sweat”. The Epstein celebrity scandal has been a headache for the British royal own family, and in November 2019, Andrew stepped down from his duties as a royal.

4: 2014 Picture Hack

Ever get suspicious emails asking for touchy records? some of them appear valid, as though they’re from Apple or google – however they’re no longer. in 2014 several celebrities, along with Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, and Kate Upton have been the victims of the sort of scam. Their iCloud accounts have been hacked, and nude pictures uploaded to websites like 4chan. It changed into a terrible invasion of privateness that’s sufficient to provide all and sundry nightmares. Lawrence changed into perhaps the most vocal approximately her outrage, calling the hack a violation and “sex crime”. As a minimum 5 guys who had been worried about the hacking have been convicted and given jail sentences.

5: R. Kelly Abuse Allegations

The r & b artist has long been suspected of having inappropriate relationships with underage women. in 2002, R. kelly changed into indicted on a couple of counts of owning obscene material regarding youngsters, even though he became acquitted, and a yr. later, he become able to beat the rap again. but, inside the past due 2010s, greater allegations of misconduct and abuse emerged, along with a sequence of excessive-profile documentaries, such as lifetime’s “surviving r. Kelly”. In July 2019, federal prosecutors charged kelly with multiple legal counts, such as racketeering, exploitation, kidnapping, and sex trafficking, and in September 2021, he changed into convicted and can be sentenced in May additionally 2022.

6: Allison Mack & Nxivm Celebrity Scandals

High-quality acknowledged for her position as Chloe Sullivan on “Smallville,” this actress was concerned in nxivm, an intercourse cult dressed up as a multilevel advertising and marketing organization. As part of nxivm, which she joined in 2006, Mack recruited women to emerge as “slaves” for cult Chief Keith Range. in 2018, Mack was indicted on prices such as sex trafficking and forced exertions that doubtlessly may want to have landed her between 14 and 17 years in prison. But, because she cooperated with investigators in bringing down range, Mack changed into handiest sentenced to a few years in jail, 1,000 hours of community carrier, and turned into fined 20,000 dollars.

7: Lance Armstrong’s Doping Celebrity Scandals

This pro athlete and cancer survivor turned into seen as a suggestion by humans around the sector and raised thousands and thousands for most cancers research via his live strong basis. She became an example of what became possible if you worked hard and believe in yourself. However, in 2012, Armstrong disappointed the sports activities world and upset his supporters when he admitted to the usage of steroids to decorate his performance during his bike races. as a result, Armstrong was stripped of all seven of his excursion de France titles and changed into banned for life from the sport.

8: Tiger Woods’ Dishonest Celebrity Scandals

In 2009, tiger’s international grew to become upside down whilst the countrywide Enquirer posted a story approximately an extramarital affair. Some days later, he crashed his automobile and had to be introduced to a health facility. As the range of alleged affairs started to grow, so did everyone’s hobby within the story, making him the focal point of morbid curiosity. due to the scandal, his spouse Elin Nordegren divorced him, and several groups consisting of at & t and Gatorade determined to drop him from their endorsement offers. the celebrity scandal completely tarnished the Tiger’s squeaky-clean photo.

9: Britney spears’ conservatorship

The princess of dad has become an on-the-spot sensation in 1999 with “…toddler one extra time”. But inside the mid-2000s, she had a public breakdown, shaving her head, checking into and out of drugs, and alcohol rehabilitation centers, or even crashing right into a parked car. The media coverage was relentless, and the public couldn’t get enough. After child welfare investigators were given involved, she misplaced custody of her children. all of it culminated in conservatorship under her father Jamie, with situations such as time in a psychiatric facility and the usage of an IUD. in reaction, her fans began a “loose Britney” motion to advocate for a quit to the conservatorship. Britney spears and her supporters subsequently were given their wish in November 2021.

10: Tom cruise’s Scientology video

Founded by technology fiction writer l. Ron Hubbard, the church of Scientology has remained controversial notwithstanding its superstar advocates. The company is infamous for its area opera, concerning an alien dictator named ‘Xenu’, however also its predatory financial strategies and aggressive policies towards critics. That hasn’t stopped Tom Cruise from extolling its virtues. In 2008, a video uploaded to You-Tube confirmed Cruise claiming that Scientologists are specialists at coping with drug dependency and the only folks that can help after automobile accidents! Whilst the business enterprise filed a copyright declaration, You-Tube took the video down. This inspired activist collective anonymous to release the protest motion mission technology.


Those are the celebrity scandals what’ve described the century…to date. For this listing, we’re going to be looking at the biggest controversies over the last two a long time involving public figures. Our countdown consists of Ellen DeGeneres’s treatment of personnel, Janet Jackson’s dresser malfunction, Jessie Smollett’s fake hate crime, lance Armstrong’s doping scandal, and more!

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